Change of Plans

How many times has it happened to you – you go to the gym with the intent to do a certain workout. And when you get there, all the machines are taken or the gym is overcrowded, so you spend your workout wandering around aimlessly trying to formulate a new plan on the spot, to no avail.

I have found being to rigid with anything is not a good thing. Whether it be your diet, workout routine, or life in general, being flexible is crucial. This morning I planned to take a spinning class to kick off my day with a heart-pumping cardio workout. When I arrived, the class was already full. Luckily I always come prepared with my iPod and a magazine in case I need to make a change of plans. In the past I would get frustrated, not be able to find my groove, and my workout would suffer.

Now I go to the gym knowing spinning might be full, or that all the treadmills might be full and I will need to be flexible. This morning I still kicked off my day with heart pumping cardio – plus I got to read a great article. Here’s what it looked like:

  • 21 minutes stairmaster level 7 (it took me 21 minutes to finish my article)
  • 2.5 mile run at 9 minute/mile pace
  • 6 min walking to cool down
  • 10 minutes stretching

According to my heart rate monitor, I burned 470 calories – about the same I would work off in spin class – in the same amount of time as a spin class.

The moral of the story here is to always have a backup plan (or two) so you can be sure you will get a good workout in no matter what.

How do you ensure a great workout?


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