Packing and Prepping

I leave tomorrow for a girls’ weekend in Colorado and I am so excited. I also don’t have a clue what to pack. In typical Colorado fashion, the weather has been all over the place lately. While we were hoping to lay by the pool and go hiking, this is what we are in store for – although it could change at any moment.

BC weather

The only thing about packing that is easy for me is my workout clothes. I always bring my running shoes and a workout outfit or two. Sometimes they get a lot of use, and sometimes they wind up just being a waste of precious space. Since some of the girls and I have already made plans for some sort of exercise this weekend, I am also bringing two resistance bands for some potential toning, a jump rope and my iPod, of course. Take a look at my on-the-go fitness items.

Workout to go

This trip I am also bring some healthy snacks. Since I will be gone for almost 4 days, I don’t want my fresh fruit to go bad, so I will bring what is left with me. We will also be staying in a condo and bringing our own food and snacks for most of the weekend. Since I have some items on hand, I figure I might as well save the money I would spend on buying items after my arrival, and buy the bachelorette an extra drink 😉 ! Here is a look at the snacks I am bringing. Included is homemade trail mix (dark chocolate covered cranberries, apricots, peanut butter filled pretzel bites, and roasted almonds), two Clif Bars, two apples, and two nectarines. Since I am only carrying on a bag, I hope the nectarines will make it unbruised. We shall see!

Travel Snacks

Now if only I could wear workout clothes all weekend, I would be all set! More details from the weekend to come!

How do you ensure you fit in fitness and healthy food while on vacation?


2 thoughts on “Packing and Prepping

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