Triple Crown Dreams Crushed (Kind Of)

When I competed in my first half marathon last August, I noticed several people with different colored bibs on. After investigation, I realized they were competing in the San Diego Half Marathon Triple Crown.

The triple crown is made up of a trio of Southern California half marathons that have formed an alliance to create a Half Marathon Triple Crown award to honor participants who finish all three half marathons in the same calendar year.

The 13.1-mile threesome includes the Carlsbad Half Marathon, the La Jolla Half Marathon, and the America’s Finest City Half Marathon. Finishers receive a commemorative medal and are recognized on the race websites as winners of the “Half Marathon Triple Crown – 39.3 Miles of Paradise.”

When I finished my first half marathon, I knew I wanted to do another. After my second last November, I decided my 2009 goal would be to complete the Triple Crown which would culminate with the finishing of the same race that started my half marathon addiction.

  • In January I finished the Carlsbad Half Marathon with a PR of 1:57:35, and in April I finished the La Jolla Half Marathon. The last piece to the puzzle is America’s Finest City coming up in August. I have been postponing purchasing my entry because my plans for August are hectic and up in the air.

    Today I learned that the race has officially sold out. Last year it sold out around July 1st, and I thought with the economy I might have a little more time. WRONG! Even if I am able to purchase an entry from someone else, I will not have the honor of officially being a Triple Crowner. 😦

    My solution is that wherever I am on August 16th, I will run 13.1 miles so that I can know in my heart that I accomplished my goal. Glass half full! I have enough medals anyways!


    3 thoughts on “Triple Crown Dreams Crushed (Kind Of)

    1. Shelley says:

      Always with the positive attitude, I love it! Keep up the good work and I’ll be cheering you on on Aug. 16th!

    2. Bridgette says:

      I know how you feel! I missed the Marine Corps deadline, but just found out a friend who cannot train in time is going to transfer her bib to me! So, ya never know, maybe it will work out! At least you have a good attitude about it!

    3. […] and the 4th of July weekend, it has been a while since I have had a normal schedule. I also have my “half marathon” coming up in one month so I need to start fitting in some long runs. I am hoping by posting my […]

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