Making Up For Lost (gym) Time

This week’s workouts have been a little off due to recovering from being in vacation mode. But today I finally got my groove back and made up for two missed workouts this week. Picture 3

I got up right when my alarm went off at 5AM (thanks, kitty), so I was at the gym by 5:30. Here’s what happened next:

20 minutes stairmaster level 7
30 minutes weights: bicep curls, walking lunches, lateral raises, plie squats, dumbell rows, tricep kickbacks, bent over flyes, mountain climbers.

After almost an hour in the gym, I NEEDED to get outside. So, I headed out on the road for a run. I had no set plan and decided to just go where my sneakers took me, which wound up being a 3.62 mile run along the boardwalk and back around the Bay. It was nice to see the beach and the boardwalk so empty because, starting tomorrow, it will be a mad house. I am not sure if I will be able to run along the boardwalk this weekend. If I am, it will have to be super early.

I used MapMyRun to track my distance this morning. MapMyRun is such a great training tool and has so many features to track your progress and daily workouts. The Training Log saves previous runs, tracks gym and outdoor workouts, calories burned and overall distance. Especially if you are training for an event, I highly recommend it.

My goal for the 3-day weekend is to squeeze two runs and one strength session in between lots of fun. Wish me luck!


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