Lucky Girl and This Week’s Menu

I returned from another weekend away on Sunday and did not make it to the market on Sunday. Aaron was a wonderful boyfriend and went to the market AND made dinner yesterday. And get this…he is doing it again today! So, I don’t have a photo of this week’s groceries, but here is the menu and a list of the goods:

Monday: Roasted chicken, smashed potatoes, roasted broccoli
Tuesday: Grilled veggie medley for me, fish tacos for the boys
Wednesday: Southwestern crab salad (stay tuned for recipe)
Thursday: Black bean soup
Friday: Salmon burger salads
Saturday: Friends’ housewarming BBQ
Sunday: Salad and pasta

Groceries for the week include: crab, corn, tomatoes, mixed greens, bell pepper, zucchini, whole chicken, red potatoes, broccoli, black beans, lime, cilantro, jalapenos, milk, bananas, apples.

Breakfasts: PB and banana on whole wheat english muffin, Kashi Autum Harvest with bananas, poached egg on whole wheat english muffin

Lunches: Tuna salad salad, Amy’s bean and rice burritos, turkey sandwiches

Snacks: Apple and string cheese, almonds, yogurt, popcorn


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