The Hips Have It

The last couple of weeks my hips have been SO tight – mostly my left one. It gets to the point where my whole left leg will have this dull ache and partial numbness thing going on. I have always had issues with my hips since tearing both hip flexors 12 years ago, but this is a new sensation.

I think it is a combination of things that add up; I sit at a desk all day, I have been sitting on planes a lot recently, I do not stretch enough and have a history of hip problems. I am mad at myself because I know how important the hips are to everything you do in life – especially as a runner. Yet – I ignored the warning signs.

I have been trying to be better about stretching and using the foam roller at night. I also work my hip and butt muscles with a tennis ball for deep tissue work. It definitely helps immediately and I go to better hopeful, but by mid-morning after my workout and sitting at my desk, things tighten up again.

So I am going to continue my usual stretches, but have been looking into other things as well. I am going to aim for 15 minutes of stretching every night. I am hoping that being consistent will eventually loosen up the muscles. Below is a look at some new exercises I am going to add to my routine.


4 thoughts on “The Hips Have It

  1. Hips are so important. Mine get tight sometimes and it really messes with my running!

    I think the pigeon is the best! I will sit like that for a full hour. Love!

    Good luck with those hips 🙂

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