Not Missing the Meat

Last night I made a delicious and simple dinner that has become a recent go-to meal for me. It is a fresh mixture of Mediterranean flavors, which we all know is one of my favorites. At the farmers market on Sunday I found some beautiful summer squash and I knew I wanted to use them up last night.

I sliced three summer squash (two green, one yellow), two tomatoes, half of a red onion and tossed them with 4 whole garlic cloves, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted everything at 450 degrees for 40 minutes. The colors were so beautiful, I had to share:

DSCN1589 DSCN1588

I combined the roasted veggies with whole wheat couscous, feta cheese, tzaziki, fresh basil and hummus. I love this meal because it is so fun to be able to customize each bite with all the flavors I want. This dish is so flavorful and filling that there is no way I missed having meat as part of the meal.


Don’t get me wrong, I like everything from fish and chicken to pork and beef (we had flank steak tacos two nights ago), but I try to keep the majority of my meals vegetarian, having meat only a couple times a week. This is a great vegetarian option, and a great way to use up an overflow of summer produce. I tend to buy a ton of produce in the summer because everything looks so good, and find myself looking for creative ways to make sure nothing goes to waste. To do this, I make a big batch of roasted vegetables and couscous so that I can throw together several quick lunches and dinners without turning on the stove or oven once, which is so nice during summer.

Eating meatless meals is great for many reasons – you save money while also avoiding saturated fats found in some animal proteins, and it is a great way to pack in several servings of vegetables at one meal. Vegetarian meals do not have to be limited to salads and pastas, but can be fun, adventurous and extremely flavorful. Get creative with your veggies and I promise you won’t be missing the meat either!


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