Product Review: Helen’s Kitchen

One of my go-to, easy foods to bring for lunch at work is frozen burritos. I love Amy’s Organic Bean and Rice Burritos. When I went to restock my supply a few days ago, I saw a new burrito sitting next to my favorites – Helen’s Kitchen Bean, Rice and Cheese burritos. They were on sale for 4 for $5 ($1.25 each) compared to the $2.99 price tag on the Amy’s burrito. After comparing the nutrition facts, which were almost identical, I thought it would be worth a shot to try Helen’s burrito.

A little about the company from their website:

Our Mission is to provide you with the tools to start living the Simple Health lifestyle today! We want you to experience having:

– More time, more simplicity & more versatility
– Vitality through exceptional quality and nutrition: We use only the most nutritious and finest quality natural and certified organic ingredients, free of artificial additives, preservatives, dangerous pesticides, GMOs and MSG.
– Optimal independent longevity
– Great taste and variety
– A complete meal experience


The burrito was very delicious and satisfying. There is something about having something warm, gooey and cheese for lunch that just makes my day. It is comforting and a nice break in my hectic day at work. I loved that the burrito was USDA certified organic, had cheese and vegetables, and the whole wheat tortilla was really good. It was very similar to the Amy’s burrito other than the addition of cheese and vegetables. I liked Helen’s tortilla better than the Amy’s tortilla, but otherwise they come out basically even. Regarding nutrition information, both contain 280 calories, but Helen’s burrito has marginally higher amounts of fat, fiber and protein. I think my decision between the two will be made based on which burrito is on sale.

I would definitely recommend trying one of Helen’s burritos, and I look forward to trying the other products like her famous tofu steak and the various curries – everything looks so good!

Here are the facts for Helen’s Bean, Rice, Cheese and Vegetable Burrito:

Picture 1


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