Scrapbook for Your Health

How many times do you think of a recipe or a workout that you saw in a magazine, but then can never remember which magazine it was in? I used to do that all the time and would waste so much time thumbing through my huge stack of magazines. Then I decided to get organized and just keep the articles I wanted.

Here is how it works for me. I let my magazines sit on the coffee table for a month, until the new issue comes. Once the new issue arrives in the mail, I quickly browse through the old issue and tear out any recipes, workouts, or articles I want to have for reference later. These tear out then get filed in a binder that is organized by workouts, recipes and miscellaneous.

When I am looking for new workout ideas or creative recipes, I can look through the binder for fresh ideas. Having everything in one place makes me more likely to switch up my routine which helps prevent boredom or exercise and food ruts. It also cuts down on the clutter that quickly stacks up when you subscribe to several magazines.



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