A Semi-Successful Experiment

Last night’s dinner was a farmer’s market and pantry experiment. We had zucchini and green beans from the farmers market so I knew green bean salad would be on the menu. To go along with the salad, I thought I would make risotto because we had most of the needed ingredients. But when I went to the pantry there was no Arborio rice to be found. My heart was set on risotto so I asked if Aaron would be up for experimenting with brown rice risotto. He was!

I followed the same process I do for Arborio rice risotto:

– Saute white onion with garlic and olive oil
– Add rice (about 1 cup) and saute about 5 minutes
– Add 1 cup white wine (I skipped this tonight) and simmer until absorbed
– Add hot broth to rice mixture 1 cup at a time, simmer until absorbed. Stir mixture often
– Continue adding broth and stirring mixture until rice is cooked through
– Add 1/2 cup cheese (I used low fat mozzarella tonight), stir
– Serve immediately

It worked! A couple things to note are that this takes a lot longer to cook than traditional risotto. The reason this post is titled semi-successful is Aaron and I lost patience and were too hungry to wait for the risotto to cook completely. We wound up eating al dente risotto, but it was still creamy and satisfying and just what we needed. To get a creamy consistency for the brown rice risotto, it takes a lot of vigorous stirring over medium high heat, but it is worth it!





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