Do Alcohol and Athletes Mix?

I was reading my Runner’s World magazine at the gym yesterday morning and read so fun facts about the history of running and was surprised how many of the facts had to do with alcohol. Check these out:

In 1896, at the first Olympics, Spiridon Louis drank two glasses of wine during the Marathon – and won!

In 1904 St. Louis Olympic Marathon champion, Thomas Hicks, drank brandy to deal with the heat on the course.

Charles Hefferon drank champagne during the 1908 Olympic Marathon. He got cramps in the last two miles and didn’t win the gold, but still placed!

At the 1928 Olympic Marathon, wine was served at aid stations.

I know I always crack open a frosty beer at the finish line of all my races, and we all know that wine and alcohol in moderation has health benefits, but who ever thought about drink WHILE running?

I don’t think I will be filling my Fuel Belt with wine or champagne anytime soon, but I thought this fun look at history would bring a smile to everyones’ face – I know it brought one to mine!



2 thoughts on “Do Alcohol and Athletes Mix?

  1. Shelley says:

    What about Buster Martin? He’s 101 years old and ran in the London Marathon and stopped for beer during it. Here’s his pit stop:

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