The Best is Yet to Come

Aaron and I are in the process of moving from Southern California to Northern California. The whole process is hectic and stressful because it feels like there is not enough time to get everything done, but I know everything will work itself out and I am so excited about this new adventure.

One thing I am looking forward to is signing up for races and getting to know the city I grew up in all over again. I started looking at upcoming races and am considering adding the following to my race calendar:

– 5th Annual Mustard Seed Spin 2009; a 13 or 20 mile bike ride benefiting the Mustard Seed School, a school for homeless children. September 27th
– 2nd Annual Run The River 1/2 Marathon. November 14th
– California International Marathon Relay Challenge. A four-person relay held concurrently with the 26th Annual California International Marathon. December 6th

I haven’t had a race on my calendar since April, so I am itching to register for some events. I was even considering a full marathon for a minute! It will be interesting to see how I adapt to running in a city that does not have ideal running weather 365 days a year.

Any tips on what kind of gear to get for running in the cold and the rain? Brrrr!


6 thoughts on “The Best is Yet to Come

  1. Shelley says:

    For a while I did an outdoor boot camp in Denver in the spring (VERY cold and wet in the mornings) and would wear a tank top under an Under Armour wicking long sleeve tee (similar to this but I got mine on sale a while back at REI: Over the tank and long sleeve tee I wore my rain jacket. On my head was a Nike running hat (similar to this I think I wore warm up pants with shorts underneath on the bottom; I was all about layers. I highly recommend Ross or TJ Maxx for workout clothes; I always see name brand items on deep discount.

    • modernation says:

      Thanks Shelley. I am going to have to get used to layers. I have been so spoiled in San Diego. I am sure my body will adapt, though!

  2. Wow you’re so luck to have so many races in your area to sign up for! Best of luck with them!

  3. Bridgette says:

    Oh yeah–I am your girl for that one! I trained for my first marathon in Baltimore, in the snow! I don’t know if Sacto. has snow, but I recommend getting a really lightweight fleece, I have two that I really like from The North Face. Bear in mind you will obviously heat up once you get started, so wear something that you would initially be a little cold in. Other than that, I suggest gloves and a snow hat. I haven’t tried those sleeve things yet but I am interested in those myself.

    • modernation says:

      Thanks BW! No snow in Sac, but chilly and rainy. I think I need to get a hat, one of those light weight fleeces and gloves. I have arm warmers (the sleeve things) from cycling, so maybe I could try those too. It will be a big experiment but I am looking forward to it. Hopefully we will be able to run in the rain together next winter! 🙂

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