To Do List Tackled

It is 7:30 PM and my to do list is officially tackled, plus some extra credit of time by the pool and an evening run. I woke up, had some coffee and milk and hit the gym for an hour and ten minute workout:

20 minutes stairmaster
10 minutes core
30 minutes weights
10 minutes treadmill – 4,5 MPH, 15% incline

I stocked up on groceries for myself for the week. I will be experimenting with cooking for one this week. The plan is to make chili on Sunday and eat that throughout the week. My other dinners that are planned are a fritatta and tuna salad. I also loaded up on fruit, yogurt, oats and bean burritos for easy lunches.

After a surprise frozen yogurt treat from Aaron and an afternoon of laundry and cleaning, I hit the road for an extra credit run. I did a sunset 3 miles and it felt great. I am sure that I will sleep like a baby tonight after a double workout today!

I am excited for a yummy breakfast tomorrow morning at Cafe 222. YUMMY!


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