This Week’s Groceries and Cooking for One

Today kicks off week two of shopping for one. I have learned that when I am shopping and cooking for one, I don’t really change what I buy, but my dinners have gotten a lot less creative. Dinner is usually where I get creative and try to show off my cooking skills. I am less motivated when it is just me and there is no one there to “ooooh” and “aaahhh” over what I come up with. Last week I ate eggs for dinner three nights – I have never done that before. They were the quickest and easiest thing on hand so that’s what I made.

This week I am planning to make a big batch of roasted vegetables to eat throughout the week. Roasted vegetables are one of my favorite things. I will eat them alone, over pasta, with couscous, as a salad, or on a sandwich.

I stocked up on mostly fruits and vegetables to combine with pantry staples to make hearty, vegetarian meals. Here are this week’s groceries:

Picture 1

It is so easy to neglect nutrition when you are cooking for yourself. You tend to lean toward whatever is easiest and will make less of a mess. My tip is to cook the same things you would for more people. Use the tip – cook once, eat several times. Make extra and reuse it in different ways. Roasted vegetables take on a whole new life when used on a sandwich, pizza, in pasta, or a salad. Save yourself time by being clever and efficient, not by eating the easiest, unhealthiest choice.


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