Nutrition vs. Satisfaction

Do you ever have those days where the healthiest food choices just don’t sound appealing at all? I do, and that happened yesterday. I am trying to eat all the food from our freezer and fridge before we move, so the pickings are slim and I just couldn’t eat scrambled eggs or cereal again.

This is an example of the battle between nutrition and satisfaction. While I am a true believer that food can be both satisfying and nutritious, sometimes satisfaction wins over nutrition. I was having one of those days where I could eat every healthy food in my kitchen and still not feel satisfied. I have learned that when those days happen it is important to listen to my body and give it what it wants.

While packing, I discovered 3 Chipotle gift cards scattered around the house. After talking about Chipotle with my friends at the beach, I knew it was a sign that Chipotle would be on the menu. To balance out my choice, I decided to walk to pick up my dinner and to burn a couple of the calories in my meal. I also chose a salad to load up on veggies. My salad included greens, black beans, grilled chicken, corn salsa, hot sauce and guacamole. I passed on the sour cream and cheese to splurge on the guac which has healthy fats, not the saturated fats in cheese and sour cream. I also skipped the dressing because this salad didn’t need it and I know Chipotle’s dressing is fairly high in calories.

I feel great about my choices and am glad I opted for satisfaction while still keeping nutrition in mind. What are your tips for satisfying cravings while not blowing your nutrition goals?


One thought on “Nutrition vs. Satisfaction

  1. When I have a craving that won’t quit, instead of trying to fill the void with food that I know won’t satisfy the craving, I order/eat what I’m craving but I eat it slow and really savor every second. While I’m enjoying the food in the back of my mind I’m thinking how happy I am when I can put on my jeans and they aren’t too tight. That lets me enjoy my food but not go over board.

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