Rock n’ Run

Do you workout or run with music? I usually do and the other morning at the gym my iPod died right after my warmup and I had to pause for a minute for a mini panic attack. I am so used to having my iPod with me during my workouts that I wasn’t sure what to do. The biggest benefits I get from listening to music during my workouts is motivation and distraction. It seems I’m not the only one.

There are varying opinions on running with music. There’s the safety issue and some serious runners say that the only people who enjoy running with music are back-of-the-pack-ers and weekend warriors.

But, it has been found that running with music can inspire those weekend warriors to go faster and longer. Olympian Dan Browne has commented, “I’ve run with music since high school because music has an inherent ability to inspire and motivate, and that’s what I respond to.” I think that’s the key – you have to do what works for you and gets you out on the road. Running is about being motivated, so if music does the trick, then I say go for it!

Ever get to a certain song on your playlist and the next thing you know you find yourself going faster than you thought your body wanted to go? I use this as a way to do random interval training. As the BPM (beats per minute) in a song goes, so goes my pace, my heart rate, my speed. As a result, sometimes I’ve pushed myself farther and faster than I imagined I could.

If you are concerned about safety during a race, sign up for one of the many Rock n‘ Roll Marathons and Half Marathons where you can enjoy music throughout the race without worrying about drowning out the sound with ear plugs.

I think it is important to control the volume level to maintain awareness of your surroundings to insure the safety of yourself and the others around you, but do not think there is any reason to avoid music during your workouts. If it’s the music that gets you there – go for it.



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