Loving Morning Runs Once Again

I am BACK! After a long few days of packing, moving and unpacking, I am ready to come back to the blog world! It is good to be back! I will have to give you guys a whole moving, new house, new city recap another time after the house is ready for photos, etc.

After 5 days away from traditional exercise, I made it on a run this morning. I say traditional exercise, because I truly believe packing and moving and unpacking is a pretty darn good workout.

I was so excited to wake up this morning and explore my new neighborhood on foot. I really like where we live – half a mile in one direction is a university, and half a mile in the other direction is a park with a pool and the river. This morning I ran to the river, along the levee and made a loop through the neighborhood. I can’t find my heart rate monitor and watch right now, so I wasn’t too sure how far or long I had been gone for. It turned out to be a 2.7 mile run which was a nice distance to ease my way back into running.

The best part about my run? I walked out the door in my running tights and a tank top and had to zip back inside to grab a long sleeve shirt. One thing that is great about Sacramento is that even on days when it might get into the 90s, the mornings are generally cool and crisp – perfect running weather in my book! Half way through my run, I removed the long sleeve and was comfortable the entire time! Now it is time to hear up for some serious half marathon training – November 14th is right around the corner!


One thought on “Loving Morning Runs Once Again

  1. Lisa says:

    I used to run around there all the time! A lot of people go down the levee to the Sac State bridge. It’s a great area to run! Being in the bay though I do miss having some HOT days, or at least those warm nights outside at the pool.

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