Dollar Store Decor

Moving has taken me to places I haven’t been for ages – yesterday was Home Depot and today was the Dollar Store. I was running errands after the gym this morning and saw a Dollar Store. I thought, ‘What the heck, I’m going in!’ It was pretty interesting to see some of the stuff. I cruised around the aisles to see if I found anything on our massive list of things for the house. I picked up five things for a grand total of $5.44! I was pleased to learn that you can get some basic things at the Dollar Store for much less than you would at a normal store. We needed a shower curtain liner, so I picked up a plain white liner for $1 which would be at least $5 at a store like Target.

One project I have been wanting to do around the house is to make my own reed diffuser. I see them at Target and other places for upwards of ten or fifteen dollars, but know how easy they are to make at home. Almost immediately after walking in to the Dollar Store, I saw an aisle with scented oils and room fragrances. I don’t like overpowering, heavy air fresheners, so when I found the Clean Rain scent I knew I was in business. Just down the same aisle was an assortment of small vases – score!

We had plenty of skewers at home, so for $2 and about 1 minute of my time, I had made this simple, chic reed diffuser. It would be simple and inexpensive to add these to every room in the house because one bottle of scented oil goes a long way with these. I only added a few drops to the vase and it was plenty.

This could also be a great addition to any gift. You could include all the supplies in a basket with other home decor or bath items for a fun and personal baby shower, bridal shower or birthday gift. I think it looks great on our mantle for the time being.


I am having to much fun thinking of creative DIY projects for the house. What are your best DIY home improvement or home decor ideas?


One thought on “Dollar Store Decor

  1. Lisa says:

    Dollar store is great – I read an article about a woman who threw a dinner party for some big Hollywood exec’s where she bought everything at that store and spent only $100! My favorite recent project was making a “memory board” thing for pictures with a frame, backing, fabric and ribbon. It’s like the ones you buy at the store but cuter because better fabric and matches my apt. Think I’m going to make one for my niece’s room too! Wow, we’re nerds, but its okay.

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