Bridge to Bridge – to Bridge

This morning kicked off my new goal of making sure to fit in 60 minutes of cardio 4-6 days a week. I have been slacking in the cardio department and cutting my cardio short at about 30 minutes. That works great after my 30-45 minute strength sessions, but is a little weak for my cardio-only days. Now that we are getting settled in it’s time to kick it up a notch.

I started my Sunday with a great 6.1 mile run. The weather was great – cool but sunny and breezy. And even though we moved away from the ocean we are still walking distance to water, so I got to run along the American River for the entire 6 miles. I ran along the levee to one bridge, turned around and passed two more before heading back toward home.

Picture 1

I ended my 60 minute run with a 10 minute walk home to cool down and even stopped to smell the roses – literally! I am so glad I made it out on the road this morning and kept chugging along even when I wanted to quit after 30 minutes (patting myself on the back). Now I can enjoy sitting around watching football with Aaron all day and not have any guilt about my workout.

After my run I whipped up some yummy lox and cream cheese on whole wheat toast with sliced tomatoes, lemon juice and fresh ground pepper. Delicious recovery food! I have a feeling I will be hungry all day since I haven’t run 6 miles in a long time and long runs make me hungry!


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