Making Monday Feel a Little Like Sunday

My original plan of waking up at 5 to attend a 6AM spin class did not work out – my body and mind were still so tired from yesterday’s run so I turned off the alarm and kept sleeping. It is so important for me to listen to my body and if it wants sleep, I give it sleep. I will fit in a workout later today instead.

While listening to my body I also heard it saying, “I’m starving!” I was constantly hungry all day yesterday and snacked throughout the day, so I didn’t have a real dinner and knew I would wake up hungry. I took advantage of skipping my morning workout to have a leisurely morning to ease into the workweek, and it was the best idea ever. I lounged around and had coffee before making myself one of my favorite breakfast treats – bagel with cream cheese, pesto and sliced tomatoes. This is such a great treat – it is flavors we all know and love but don’t normally think of for breakfast. Plus, you fit in some veggie servings first thing. Who wouldn’t want to start their week with this?


Some tricks to keep this light enough for a weekday breakfast and as healthy as possible:

– Use 100% Whole Wheat bagel
– Keep portions in control by using only 1/2 of the bagel
– Use whipped cream cheese – it has more volume and you can make less go further than regular cream cheese
– Pesto is high in calories but it is so packed with flavor you only need a tiny bit. And the healthy fats from the pine nuts and olive oil will help keep you full.

This tasty breakfast and a relaxed cup of coffee bundled up on the couch on this rainy morning was the perfect way to start a Monday. I almost forgot to go to work because it felt so much like a Sunday morning. Add a little bit of your weekend routine to your weekday mornings to make your day a little brighter!

Here’s to a great Monday and a great week!


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