Those First Twenty Minutes

One reason I like long runs over short runs is because the first 10, 15, or 20 minutes of my runs are always somewhat of a struggle. Some days it takes longer than others but no matter what, it always takes my body awhile to get going. After about 3 miles, though, my body and mind get on the same page and I get into a rhythm and that is when I really enjoy running and appreciate my body for what it can do. If I go for a short 3 miler, my mind and body are fighting each other the whole time, so it isn’t as enjoyable as my longer runs.

I try to remind myself of this during the beginning of my run and talk myself into chugging along until I find my groove. I also think it is a great thing for beginner runners who think running more than 3 miles is impossible to know. If you body is used to sitting or standing all day, it will most likely be in a little bit of shock when you start running. I usually run in the morning, so I think that adds to the equation since I am going from moving 0 MPH to moving 7 MPH.

This morning I got in a 6.5 mile out and back run and found my groove on the way home. It is going to be 100 degree today so at 8 this morning it was already hot but I made it and now just have to be sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate today.

Picture 2

What do you tell yourself to get out the door and keep going on your runs?


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