Streamline Your Mornings

Working from home the last couple weeks has made me appreciate a slower-paced morning routine. Not having to be showered, dressed, hair-done, make-up on and in the office by 8:30 has given me a little more time to enjoy my mornings. When I was working in the office my morning routine went like this:

– Up at 5AM
– Gym
– Home, make coffee, scarf breakfast as fast as possible
– Shower
– Rush to get dressed/ready
– Usually leave with wet hair to get to work on time

While working out is the best way to start my day, the rest of that list is so frantic! By the time I would get to work I was already beat!

Now my mornings are more like this:

– Wake up
– Make coffee
– Catch up on blog reading
– Workout/run
– Check in with work, catch up on emails
– Shower

Since I will eventually be back at an office job, I have been thinking about ways to make rushed mornings a little less frantic. Here are some ideas to make your morning routine as smooth as possible:

– Get your coffee pot ready before bed so all you have to do is turn it on
– Layout your gym clothes and what you plan to wear to work. This is a huge time-saver for me. Hunting around in the dark for my iPod, watch or shoes is so frustrating. And trying on 5 outfits eats up so much time, plus it is just more things for me to pick up and put away before work.
– Make your lunch when you make dinner. Pack leftovers or make a salad or sandwich at night. Leave the dressing and condiments off and add right before lunch to keep things fresh and crisp.
– Make sure everything you need for work is packed and ready to go. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when I get halfway to work and realize I forgot the one file, my computer charger, or something else. Don’t assume you will remember in the morning – you won’t!

What are your tips for ensuring a smooth morning?


2 thoughts on “Streamline Your Mornings

  1. My biggest challenge, as I think you know, is waking up at the appropriate time. Laying things out and packing my lunch the night before are definitely helpful for me. I do save time by not being a coffee drinker. 🙂

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