Something Old, Something New

Today’s run was a mix of old and new. And it was a great 4.6 mile run!

I brought my old running shoes back from the depths of the closet. These ASICS GEL-DS Trainer 13 are my all-time favorite running shoes. They no longer make them, so I have two old pairs that I keep on hand for days that I need a security blanket on my runs. These shoes were with me when I finished my first half marathon and when I PR’d at my 3rd half marathon. They are light as a feather, mold to my feet and fit like a glove. I could not believe how much lighter my old shoes felt. With my new shoes (also by Asics) I feel like I am clomping (NOTE: if this isn’t a word, it should be) around in clown shoes. When I got home I decided to weigh my old and new shoes – literally. My old shoes weigh 7.6 oz. each and the new 11.2 oz each. That works out to me carrying around about an extra 1/2 pound just because of my shoe choice!

Picture 1

First, a new Article A cook’s best friend: the Slow Cooker

Before my run I added a few new songs to my running playlist. Fresh songs are the best way for me to get pumped up for a run. My taste in music for exercise is quite a bit different than my taste for everyday listening. I look for songs with a good beat to keep me going but never really know how the song will affect my running until I am out on the road. Today I found a keeper – Sexy Bitch by David Guetta featuring Akon. Download it! The beat is amazing and the chorus chanting, “girl, you’s a sexy bitch” made my confidence skyrocket and I was booking it during the choruses.

I also ran a new route today and just let myself get half-lost in my neighborhood. The result was 4.6 perfect miles in 43 minutes!

Picture 2


3 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New

  1. Glad your old shoes helped you glide through the run! That sucks they don’t make them anymore.

  2. How do you choose running shoes – do you go to a specialty running store for a personalized fitting, etc.? I did this once and thought it was so helpful and then have tried to stay with the same shoe model since then but with mixed results. What do you recommend?

    • modernation says:

      I have done the professional fitting. Most stores offer it free if you then buy a pair of shoes. Then I will stock up on a couple pairs of ones I like. I also will tell the sales person what I am currently wearing and ask for something similar. There are lots of tricks to finding out what type of show you need by doing footprint tests at home. Runner’s World has this info and then lots of recommended shoe for each foot/arch type.

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