The Stars of the Week

I am all about making life in general, and in the kitchen, easier whenever possible. My only requirement is that I don’t out on quality, taste or nutrition by taking shortcuts. A perfect example were the bottled sauces from Trader Joe’s I used this week for two different dinners. I swear, I am not a new spokesperson for Trader Joe’s. 🙂 Their products are just so delicious and affordable – sometimes I can’t believe how affordable! Plus, there is a TJs less than two miles from our new place so it is easy to make a trip.


The first was Soyaki that I used for stirfry on Wednesday. Normally I make my own stir fry sauce with soy sauce, teriyaki, sesame oil, ginger and garlic, but Soyaki has all of those ingredients in one bottle. No extra sugar, oils, or processed ingredients. Saves time, money, and space in the fridge – all good things. The only thing that would make this better is if they had a spicy version!

I also used the Enchilada Sauce for Mexican Lasagna on Thursday. This sauce has a much better flavor than the canned grocery store versions and I used it while cooking the ground turkey for the lasagna and also added some between the layers. YUM!

What are your favorite shortcuts in the kitchen or life in general?


3 thoughts on “The Stars of the Week

  1. Mish says:

    When I lived in America I loved having egg whites in a pourable container. I mean..I know it’s bad. But it was SO nice. I think that America has the highest level of convience in the world. It always overwhelms me when I go home. However, what I would say is that what you’ve been able to do in that finding things are are overly processed is super important.

    I am loving finding spice mixes which are themed ‘italian’ ‘thai’ they are so nice to have on hand.


    • modernation says:

      As long as the ingredient list for Egg White in the carton is just egg whites, then I say go ahead and give in to the convenience. America is the land of convenience and in most cases I think it is horrible (i.e. fast food, processed, packaged goods). But in some cases it is great. Why buy full bottles of spices and seasonings for one recipe and then throw most of it away a year later?

  2. Boy, I wish we had a TJ’s in Denver!

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