Mini Goal: Trying New Recipes

I am not much for following recipes, but I love looking at recipes and using them as a base to make dishes with my own twist. As I have discussed before, I keep a binder full of recipes that catch my attention online and in magazines. The idea is to use this binder for inspiration, but most of the time it just collects dust.

Aaron and I both rank cooking and eating at the top of our favorite hobbies list, so we are pretty good about making a wide variety of dishes to keep things exciting, but I know there are so many recipes out there I should be trying. My goal is going to be to try one dish a week that we have never had before. Hopefully we will thumb through the binder each week and select a recipe that sounds appealing.

Last night’s new recipe was Whole Wheat Sausage, Pepper and Onion Calzones. We love making homemade pizza and one of our favorites is sausage pepper and onion, so this seemed like an easy transition. I didn’t use this exact recipe – swapped in whole wheat pizza dough, used chicken Italian sausage, and didn’t use any sauce.

The dough we normally get made 4 good-sized calzones and perfectly fit the filling. The result was delicious pockets of ooey goodness. Aaron and I both agreed they could have used a little sauce on the inside and/or for dipping, but they were still great.


Sorry for the lack of photos – we were so hungry we couldn’t wait for a photoshoot. 😉 I served the calzones with a big green salad. Here is the photo from Cooking Light if you want something a little more beautiful!



3 thoughts on “Mini Goal: Trying New Recipes

  1. i hear you girl–i have a 50 page word document of recipes that i don’t look at as much as i should!! these calzones look soo good! i’ve never attempted to make these but i may have to now! looking forward to seeing some of your new recipes you’ll be trying out!

  2. […] am While I have not been good about posting all of the new recipes, I have been sticking to my goal of trying new recipes for dinner at least once a week. Every one has been a success and I am having […]

  3. MODERNATION says:

    […] Tonight I did something I haven’t done for a long time – I made a new recipe out of a magazine. Remember when I challenged myself to cook a new recipe once a week? […]

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