Fat Talk Free Week Commitment

Today kicks of Fat Talk Free Week. Fat Talk Free Week is an international, 5-day body activism campaign that draws attention to body image issues and the damaging impact of the thin ideal on women in society. Watch the video here. n83986625289_43

Fat Talk describes all of the statements made in everyday conversation that reinforce the thin ideal and contribute to womens’ dissatisfaction with their bodies. Examples of Fat Talk include: “I’m so fat,” “Do I look fat in this?”, “I need to lose 10 pounds” and “She’s too fat to be wearing that swimsuit.” Statements that are considered Fat Talk don’t necessarily have to be negative; they can seem positive yet reinforce the need to be thin — “You look great! Have you lost weight?”

I think we all are guilty of fat talk. I know that I have days where I am hard on myself for how I look or feel, what I eat or don’t eat, and whether or not I work out. This week is about striving for a healthy ideal which looks different for different women and requires us to take care of our bodies. The healthy ideal happens when we simultaneously maximize our physical health, mental health and quality of life. For better or worse, however, our bodies are no different than any other object or living being in our care. Hate them and we are likely to abuse them. Love them and we will finally begin down the road to health.

My commitment this week is to quiet any fat talk. While I generally try to avoid fat talk, I admit, it sneaks in every once in awhile. This week I pledge to do away with any of those negative comments, both internal and external. I am also going to stay off the scale this week and focus on taking care of my body and mind.



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