Change of Season, Change of Plans

With fall in full swing and winter fast approaching, it is time to adjust our fitness plans. I have noticed a lot of folks around the blog world posting their goals and plans for how to maintain their fitness during the winter months. While I live in Sacramento and the climate is much milder than where some of you live, I have spent the last 4 “winters” in San Diego, so this winter will definitely be a change for me. To cope, I have a plan of attack.

– When the weather cooperates, I will fit in long runs outside in order to reap the rewards of fresh air and sunshine and keep my distance and fitness level up.
– I plan on being the gym more often and adding more spin classes to my schedule, and swimming more often. Swimming sounds like an odd winter-sport, but when the pool is indoors it is a ear round activity.
Interval workouts are a great way to maintain and improve your fitness level when your workouts move to the gym. Intervals are an efficient way to keep your gym routine fresh.
– Continued strength training
– Continue speed work on the treadmill
– Incorporate hot yoga classes into my routine

My overall goal is to maintain my fitness level and mileage so that when I have another race to train for in the spring, I will not be starting from scratch. I hate having to start from scratch to build mileage back up.

How are you planning to stay fit this winter?


2 thoughts on “Change of Season, Change of Plans

  1. I’m going to mix things up and start taking Pilates from our friend Kim. Wish me luck on that reformer!

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