Pile on the Miles 2009

I am so excited to be participating in the Pile on the Miles challenge. Last year, Bobbi started the challenge and she is doing it again with help from Caitlin.

The premise of the challenge is “It’s almost part of the holiday season to slack off between November and December, and then vow on January 1 to get back on track. It’s hard to stay focused on your workout and eating goals when there are office parties, family dinners, and Christmas cookies at every turn. But this year, let’s try something new. Instead of piling on the pounds, let’s PILE ON THE MILES!”

Last year, Bobbi’s event had amazing results. As a group, everyone piled on 1,763.52 miles! From November 1 to Thanksgiving, you keep track of how many miles you run or walk. The girls have created a group Google Document so you can post your miles on the spreadsheet. Be honest! To sign up, go to Bobbi or Caitlin’s posts and contact them.

I am so excited to participate. It will be great motivation to see everyone else’s mileage and will keep me going. My mental plan is to do at least one mile everyday. Most days I will run more, but on days that I do cross training or weights, I will still push myself to tack on one mile for good measure! Confronting holiday weight gain/laziness head-on will get me through!

Hope you will consider joining the POTM Challenge, too!


3 thoughts on “Pile on the Miles 2009

  1. Mish says:

    umm awesome. thanks for that post.

  2. […] voice down pretty good, too, and we were all cracking up! In other news…. Today kicks off Pile on the Miles month so don’t forget to hit the road and track your miles. I will have to find sometime […]

  3. […] Go PRIDE! Started writing for the Examiner. Went dog hunting. Participated in the 2009 Pile on the Miles Challenge. Launched Dude Food Welcomed my best friend, Shelley, to Northern California for a visit. […]

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