Set Yourself Up for Success

I have found that the best way to succeed at anything is to be prepared and make a plan. To set yourself up to stay on track for healthy eating and fitness, there are some efforts you can make to ensure you will succeed. Especially this time of year, we may need a little extra help to make the right choices among the temptation of holiday treats and choosing relaxation or fun over fitness.

Make A Commitment
It’s really hard to blow off a commitment you’ve made to other people. Make a standing date with a workout buddy. You won’t be as tempted to skip your workout if you know a friend or family member is waiting for you. You can also sign up for an athletic event to raise money. You will have the support of your training group, won’t have to worry about scheduling your workouts (it will be done for you) and you have the motivation of the fundraising to keep you going.

Add a Dog to Your Holiday Wish List
Consider adopting a dog if you don’t have one already. Studies show that owning a dog can help you drop pounds. Why? Come rain, sleet, or snow, you’ve got to get your butt outside with a few times a day to keep your pup fit and your carpets free of wet spots. A dog offers the same motivation as a workout buddy, plus you get some wet kisses at the end.

Go Ahead and Use Your Motor Mouth
As a kid my nickname at my house was Motor Mouth because I would just talk and talk and talk! Now my motor mouth can help keep me healthy. By discussing goals and fitness plans with friend and family, they will be able to be more supportive than if you kept your plans to yourself. If those around you know you have a weight loss or fitness goal, they will be less tempted to continue to push that second piece of pie on you at Thanksgiving. Find a friend who has goals of their own and can check in with them every week to see how both of you are doing on your progress.

Call On Your Inner Frugalista
Consider buying a package of personal training sessions or a yoga package and scheduling all your appointments in advance. You will be motivated to go to every session rather than lose out on the cash.

See What You Can Get for Nothing
There’s no motivation like saving money. And since insurance providers want you to stay healthy so you don’t develop expensive diseases like diabetes, some offer perks that make getting fit easier. For example, one insurance company gives its members discounts to certain gyms and free consultations with a dietitian. Check with your provider. It can’t hurt to ask!

What are your best motivational tips to stay on track when life is full of distractions?


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