November News

Happy November everyone! I cannot believe it is already November. Today’s post is a mish mash of things going on right now, some updates, reminders and fun.

Last night was Halloween. Neither of us get too excited for Halloween. I am always so bad at coming up with a creative costume which give me anxiety and makes me frustrated. This year we didn’t make any set plans. We were hoping to hand out candy to the little kids in the neighborhood since we finally live in a family-friendly neighborhood and not an apartment complex. But we found out that we actually don’t get many trick or treaters. So we set out a bowl of candy and headed over to a family friend’s house where they bus kids in for trick or treating.

It was unlike anything I have ever seen. They bought 400 full-sized candy bars and RAN OUT before 8:00. They went out to get 150 more an those were gone by 8:30. We had a great time, though drinking wine, eating chili and sitting in the driveway watching the little kids. Two hours before we left for the party, I came up with Julia Child and Aaron was a poker player. I looked up pictures of Julia, dug up some pearls, worked really hard to get my hair super curly, and even made a cooking school patch just like she used to wear. A rolling pin, an apron and some flour on my face and apron topped it off. After a couple glasses of wine, I got the voice down pretty good, too, and we were all cracking up!

Picture 2

In other news….

Today kicks off Pile on the Miles month so don’t forget to hit the road and track your miles. I will have to find sometime today to fit in at least one mile, per my commitment.

Today also begins Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month. I am absolutely passionate about this cause as the disease has unfortunately touched my life. Last October 22nd, this world lost one of its most special people to Pancreatic Cancer. My best friend Teresa’s dad, Art, lost his 9 month battle with the disease. Please educate yourself on the cause at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Some quick facts:

– Pancreatic Cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S and is the least federally funded.
– There is NO early detection!!!!!!
– 75% of pancreatic cancer patients die within the first year
– Only 5% will survive more than 5 years
– From a scientific research perspective, pancreatic cancer is where breast cancer was in the 1930’s.

You may be hearing more about PAN CAN and Pancreatic Cancer this month – it IS awareness month, after all!

Check out my most recent Examiner posts on fighting the flu with foods, coffee, and easy ways to be green.

Here is to a great November!


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