Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

This morning I has planned on hitting the gym with Aaron, but the morning got away from me and I got sucked into work. After a few hours of work, I surrendered the computer to Aaron so he could work on stuff for a new business venture that I will be sharing with you all soon. I decided I would use my time wisely and instead of sitting around watching him work head to the gym. And then it hit me…

A bike ride! My road bike and I were reunited last week and I vowed to hit the road at least once a week. I have been having pain in my foot and heel the last few days, so I did not want to go for a run – but I wanted to be outside. The weather was beautiful today and I fit in a 30 mile ride in exactly 2 hours. I stuck to the bike path and it was great to see so many other runners and cyclists out for a midday workout. Picture 4

Man, was it a good workout! I really worked hard and kept my heart rate up the whole time. I wound up burning right around 1,000 calories in that hour and when I got home I was beat! I can’t believe that I used to consider 30 miles quick and easy. I would spend all day Saturday on my bike riding 60, 70, 80, even 100 miles. It just goes to show you how with proper preparation you can do anything!

The ride along the river was beautiful and next time I definitely need to bring my camera so I can share the scenery with you. I even saw a coyote (so glad I was on my bike moving at 18 MPH and not 7 on my feet). Several suicidal squirrels also tried to throw themselves in front of my bike.

I know I will sleep well tonight thanks to my ride, and cannot even begin to fathom how sore I will undoubtedly be tomorrow. And I love it!


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