My First French Press Experience

I have been seeing a lot of French press coffee going on around the blog world and it had me intrigued. I currently use a drip pot that makes up to two cups of coffee since I only drink one cup of coffee a day and Aaron hates the stuff. I just love the look of a french press and also the idea that the result is richer, bolder coffee.

I was at my parents’ house yesterday and my mom had mentioned they had one that she didn’t use, so I grabbed it. This morning I looked up instructions on making the perfect pot of french press coffee. I have heard horror stories of explosions and was worried my espresso grinds might be too fine and my cup of coffee would wind up full of grinds.

Picture 3
The results? Perfection. I loved the whole process and it might take a little more effort, but I loved it. My mom had mentioned she didn’t like the fact that the coffee has to sit, resulting in the coffee not being hot enough. One tip that I read that I loved was to preheat the pot by filling it with hot water from the tap and letting it sit in the pot until you are ready to pour the boiling water in.

What a great way to start my Monday morning. Up next? A hot bowl of oats to warm me in m 60 degree house. Still protesting the heater, but I think I can’t hang on much longer. I think I will be working on the couch today in order to stay bundled up. The office is one of the coldest rooms in the house, plus my desk is right by the window which is drafty. Brrr.

Happy Monday!!


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