Putting It In Writing

It seems to be a recurring theme throughout the blog community – getting back on track. Caitlin, Paige, and Angela have all made an effort to get on track and stay on track now, so that it is easier throughout the holidays.

I have been trying to work on my own back on track goals but life, injuries, time changes and cold weather have all derailed my efforts. I not someone to make excuses, so I completely blame myself for giving in to these so-called “excuses”.

To push myself to meet my goals, I am turning to something that almost always works – putting it in writing. Not only putting it in writing, but broadcasting it to the world via the blog, all in the hopes of keeping myself accountable. Here goes nothing…some of my specific goals for the coming weeks:

– Get in three strength training workouts at the gym per week. I have been lazy about making it to the gym. We were spoiled with our gym in San Diego only being a mile away, so the 7 minute drive to the new gym feels like an hour.
– Drink 3 liters of water a day. I am usually so good about drinking water, but the last couple of weeks have dropped the ball.
Spend less on groceries. This has been an ongoing goal of mine and I have been doing a good job of reducing our spending on weekly groceries every week. This is always a fun challenge for me to try to plan healthy, delicious meals on as little money as possible.
– Focus on core work. I always neglect core exercises. As part of each of my three strength routines I will dedicate 10 minutes to core work.
Start waking up earlier. I have been taking advantage of working from home by sleeping in and tackling mid-morning or mid-day work outs, but will be starting work at 8 AM with a 30 minute commute in 3 weeks, so I need to start preparing myself for the new schedule.
– Eat more veggies
– Ride my bike at least once a week.
Yoga/stretching. The cold weather makes my muscles even more stiff than normal. Will be focusing on stretching throughout the day and maybe a yoga video or two.

Okay…I think that is good. Before I get carried away and set myself up for failure, I am going to leave it at that. My approach is to think of these things as non-negotiable so that I find a way to make all of these goals happen each week.


One thought on “Putting It In Writing

  1. Sweet Cheeks says:

    I think that is a great list! Putting it in writing helps for me, too…it makes it more “official.” You can do it! 😀

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