An Apple A Day

This morning as Aaron was getting leaving to go to football practice, he left me with the task to “figure out something to do today”. I am a good girlfriend and respect the college football Saturday and NFL Sunday routine, so I assumed we would spending the afternoon watching football. So I was surprised with this task but excited to head out on an adventure.

It was a beautiful, crisp fall day, so I wanted to do something”Fally”. After living in San Diego for four years, I am loving actually having a fall season and get unnecessarily excited for things like leaves changing colors, apple cider, and fires in the fireplace.

In honor of all things fall and trying to come up with a new and fun activity that wouldn’t cost too much money, I decided we would head to Apple Hill. Apple Hill is about 45 minutes away and is full of apple orchards, farms, and wineries. I have not been to Apple Hill since I was a kid so I didn’t know exactly what we would do when we got there. We decided to throw caution to the wind and just figure it out as we went.

We wound up at High Hill Orchard which I recognized immediately from field trips as a kid. They have everything there you could hope for – caramel apples, a pond you can fish in, apple pies, chili, BBQ and a Fudge Factory. We got a couple sandwiches and then walked through the apple shop and I picked up two apples that I had never heard of – Arkansas Black. Their color looked like a nectarine and they were described as “hard, tart, great for eating.” My perfect apple. I had one when we got home and it was awesome!

Picture 2

Then we wandered around, I got some Kettle Korn (my favorite) and then we visited the Fudge Factory for a sweet treat. The dark chocolate fudge I got was amazing – so sweet!

Picture 3

After getting our fill of all things apple, we made our way to Boeger Winery. The winery was so cute and the colors of the vineyard were so pretty. And guess what? They offer 6 complimentary tastes to anyone who wants them. They had plenty to choose from and we enjoyed sampling two whites and four reds. We came home with a bottle of our favorite, Real Deal Red and we both love the simple label on the bottle. We walked around the property a bit before heading home.

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

All of our party favors!

Picture 11

What an unexpectedly fun day! I love Fall and I love Aaron! Tonight we are heading to a family friend’s house to watch the big fight. I am so happy that Aaron gets to watch the fight and that we don’t have to pay $65 to watch it at our house.


4 thoughts on “An Apple A Day

  1. Mish says:

    What a great idea. All of these posts about the fall are making me great ready and excited for being in America. Good on your for getting out in the beautiful weather with your man.

  2. […] real winter in 5 years, so I am a big baby when it comes to the cold. My run, our adventure to Apple Hill and watching the fight with friends left me one sleepy girl. Pair that with near freezing over […]

  3. Jill Holliday says:

    Aaron probably does not remember but we had apple orchards in Yucaipa, CA that we went to with his grandma and grandpa Holliday. We would drive early in the morning, it was about a 2 hour drive. We would bring home apple cider and apples for the entire family to share. We would also pick up our Holloween pumpkin. It was cold and the fall colors were much like what you saw on your recent adventure. If he remembers eating apples, most likely that’s where they came from. Hope your feeling better and we will see you soon! Love, Jill

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