Vegan for a Week-ish

I got an email from my blog friend Mish last week asking me to participate in her and Katy’s Vegan for a Week challenge. There were several ways to participate – either by joining in for the whole week, or just for the day on Thursday by choosing one meal, or the whole day to be vegan. I decided that I am going to combine all of the options into my own spin on the challenge.

I have never considered going vegan, but I have considered vegetarianism and have dabbled in it a few times in my life. I am a “nothing is off limits” type of girl, so veganism has always seemed so restrive to me. I think this challenge will be eye-opening and seeing everyone else’s vegan meals will be great. I totally respect and admire all those vegans out there!

I am excited about dreaming up creative vegan recipes. But, since I already had our meal plan for the week, I am going to work with what I’ve got, in an effort to save money on groceries. I generally eat vegetarian throughout my day, but Aaron and I often have an animal protein with dinner. I think I often eat vegan without even thinking about it, although I do love cheese and it seems to make it’s way into lots of meals!

The plan is to be more conscious about vegan-izing my meals and I will be posting my vegan meals for all to see. I figure that while I may not go completely vegan for a whole day, overall I will eat more vegan meals than if I participated for just one day. It may be a cop out, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Vegan for a Week-ish

  1. Mish says:

    I love that we’re ‘blog friends’ 🙂

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