I am Thankful for…VISITORS

Last Friday was a great day. In the morning we received confirmation that Aaron’s mom and uncle would be coming to stay with us for the week of Thanksgiving. His mom, Jill, is also bring her Yellow Lab, Lucy. It will be interesting to see how Trigger handles a dog in the house. It will be a good test for when we get a dog. After that great news, my best friend Shelley told me that she was going to come stay with us this coming weekend! I knew Shelley was attending a conference this week in San Francisco and I was planning to drive to the city during the week to spend time with her. Instead, she changed her flight to fly out of Sacramento Sunday morning so she can stay with us Friday and Saturday night. Wheee!

I love having visitors. For the last two years Aaron and I lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment which meant guests slept on the floor on an air mattress. Now we live in a three bedroom house which equals much more comfortable accommodations for our guests. We had one friend from San Diego stay with us in October and now will have a Denver guest immediately followed by two Idaho guests. So exciting!

I am thankful to be able to share my hometown with new people and showing them where we live. I am also thankful that my family and Aaron’s family finally get to meet. I am anxious about the meeting but know they will get along great.

I am also thankful for visitors because they actually make me want to clean. Don’t get me wrong, I love a clean house. But I also love doing other things a lot more than cleaning, so it often gets pushed to the back burner!

I am thankful to be back in Sacramento for Thanksgiving. I loved spending the holiday with friends and family in San Diego the last two years, but am looking forward to sharing the Sacramento tradition with Aaron and his family. We will have a full house of 16 family and friends for Thanksgiving this year and I am responsible for taking on two family recipes – eeekkk!

Do you like having house guests? Do you do anything special to make them feel at home?


4 thoughts on “I am Thankful for…VISITORS

  1. Jill Holliday says:

    Hey, girl love your optimism about the families meeting. Jokingly I have told Aaron this could be a “deal breaker” for him. To know our family is to love us? I hope…..looking forward to the trip and I have told Lucy she must be on her best behavior, not sure she gets it….yet! See you soon, Love, Jill

    • modernation says:

      I have told him this could be a deal breaker for me! You guys are easy! My family on the other hand…There are a lot more people on the Whichard side to mess it up for me. 🙂

  2. Carlye says:

    I’ll be thankful when you are in SD for our January visit!

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