Great Gifts for Fit Friends and Family

Have a fitness buff on your holiday gift list? Looking to add some fitness focus gifts to your own wish list? Here are some of my top picks covering all price points and areas of interest. A lot of times I find it hard to spend money on running gear and fitness equipment. It can be pricey and I often feel guilty, but I know that new gear is great motivation for hitting the road and the gym. Plus, I wear workout clothes and use my fitness equipment more than anything else I own. Here are some classic and creative ideas:

Balance Pods. These were on my Fitness Wish List and my friend Shelley got them for me for my birthday. So great – thank you Shell! They are very reasonable, compact and versatile. I use them for ab work and to add an element of balance to strength moves.

Pre-paid personal training sessions. The best gifts are things that someone would want but wouldn’t buy for themselves. If you know someone who would love a session or two with a personal trainer but won’t form over the dough themselves, this is the perfect time to do it for them!

Yoga Passes. Hook your yogi friends and family up with gift certificates for classes at a local studio.

Are you the creative type? Put together a healthy gift basket full of the latest and greatest products. Bars, drinks, granola, fruit, bread and muffin mix will have your fit foodie creating new recipes for months to come. And probably sharing with you too, which is the gift that keeps on giving.

VitaBand. The VITAband acts like a medical ID bracelet providing medical professionals with your identification, relevant medical history and emergency contacts to help ensure you get the care you need in the event of an emergency. It also offers Contactless Payment allowing users to simply wave a VITAband at the point of sale to make purchases at thousands of retailers. And it looks great, too. Now all you need when you head out on a run is your VITAband.

SIGG Water Bottle. Lightweight, durable, eco-friendly, BPA Free and leak-proof. What more could you ask for? Attractive design? You got it!

Race Entry Fees. This is something that is on my list. I have entry into the Wine Country Half Marathon on my holiday list.

I could go on an on with this list. Coming from a fitness buff, do not feel weird about getting your fit friends and family functional and useful items – they will appreciate it. I have gotten running socks in my stocking the last two years and I was totally excited both times! Be observant and listen to things the recipient might mention they have been wanting for sometime and run and get it for them. Thoughtful and useful gifts are the best!

What is on your holiday fitness wishlist? Are there any fitness-related items you WOULD NOT want to get from someone else?


2 thoughts on “Great Gifts for Fit Friends and Family

  1. You’re welcome for the balance pods; it was fun to get you something I knew you’d wanted for so long.

    Wanted to share a tip in case people are tight on funds and can’t spend the money on a VitaBand. You can make your own medical ID tag or in case of emergency contact tag at your local pet store. Petco and PetsMart offer machines where you pay about $1 to create a customized dog tag. Use this machine to make a tag with your relevant info on it and tie it deep in the laces of your favorite running shoes. I did this for my stepdad who is an avid bike rider but never carries his wallet with him. I wanted people to know who to call if anything were to happen to him. You can create multiples if all of your info won’t fit on one tag. My stepdad’s tag reads “[His name]. Blood thinners. [Number to call]” It’s just enough info where someone could call next of kin and know that he is on medication.

    Happy shopping.

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