Weekend Recap and Prepping for Guests

We had a whirlwind couple of days with a visit from Shelley, a Dude Food catering event and giving Shelley a speedy tour of Napa and Sacramento. On Friday Shelley took the ferry from San Francisco to Vallejo and I picked her up so we could meet Aaron in Napa at my aunt’s house to throw a dinner party for 10. Dude Food was hired to do the food and the night was a hit. There was grilled pizzas and dip, bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, grilled veggies and smashed potatoes, a cheese course and dessert. I nibbled on a little of everything in kitchen as I helped plate, serve and clean up. After all the guest left, we had a sleepover and woke up to breakfast made by my aunts. Yum!

We spent Saturday driving through Napa, Yountville and St. Helena to give Shelley a super-fast tour of Napa. We went to Oxbow Market to admire all the tasty food and wine, had a mini cupcake from Kara’s Cupcakes and stopped for an impromptu photo shoot in a vineyard.

Only best friends would wake up and dress exactly the same without any discussion. Great minds think alike!

Mini Fleur de Sel Cupcake – MMMM!

Gorgeous day in Napa!

This morning I dropped Shelley off at the airport and headed straight to the gym. With more visitors this week and Thanksgiving, I don’t know what my exercise schedule will be like. I wanted to make sure I fit in a workout to start off the week. I had a sweaty 30 minutes on the stepmill and then did some upper body weights, abs and stretching. It felt so good to sweat!

I came home to a warm shower, and breakfast made for me by Aaron. Potatoes with red bell pepper, garlic and basil, scrambled eggs and a chicken sausage. Yummy and beautiful too!

We are planning to spend the rest of the day relaxing and prepping for Aaron’s mom and uncle’s arrival. It’s going to be a great week!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and Prepping for Guests

  1. Obviously behind on my blog reading but so honored to be included in a Modernation post. CANNOT WAIT for my second trip to Sac when I can soak up even more of you!

  2. […] Challenge. Launched Dude Food Welcomed my best friend, Shelley, to Northern California for a visit. Ran the Run to Feed the Hungry with my mom (a tradition). Brought Operation Beautiful to this […]

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