I am Thankful for Community

Over the years the one time I have felt truly connected to the Sacramento community is at Thanksgiving. More specifically, at The Run to Feed the Hungry. Sacramento’s Run to Feed the Hungry is the largest Thanksgiving Day race in the nation. It began in 1994 with only 800 participants and 15 years later it has grown to over 30,000 and raised over $800,000 in one day for the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services.

It is truly a phenomenal event that is unlike any other race because it centers around the holiday and the community, not so much finish times and PRs. If you were looking to PR, this is not the event. The crowds make it almost impossible to run at points. It has become a Thanksgiving Day tradition that my mom and I participate in the 5k fun run/walk. We walk, chat, people watch and always find friends to catch up with.

This year I live in town and the race is right in my neighborhood.

And this year, I brought Operation Beautiful to the Run to Feed the Hungry and my community. I knew this would be the perfect day and event to share the OB message. Thanksgiving is famous for people stuffing themselves silly and then feeling guilty the next day. Why not start the day off on the the right foot with positive messages? My mom and I each wore a note on our backs.

Over 30,000 people got to see the notes and we were stopped constantly before during and after the race to ask what Operation Beautiful was. Several people we talked to were teachers or worked with kids and were thrilled to hear about OB. I was even stopped by a new caster who wants to do a story!!! What a great start to one of my favorite holidays! What are you thankful for today?


3 thoughts on “I am Thankful for Community

  1. Mish says:

    I ran today as well. It was awesome. Hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. GREAT idea to inform people of Operation Beautiful! Looks like the run was a lot of fun and you’re right – great way to start off the day. I went for a short run on Thanksgiving morning in Ohio and was thinking of you and being thankful for my bestie!

  3. […] to Northern California for a visit. Ran the Run to Feed the Hungry with my mom (a tradition). Brought Operation Beautiful to this year’s race. Painted for the first time Decided to make a career change and started nannying! Now I am […]

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