Blog slacker, but not a real life slacker

Hi Guys! Sorry I have been MIA, but the last 10 days have felt like a month! They have been jam-packed with visitors, football games, painting, family and friends. On Thanksgiving, after the Run to Feed the Hungry, we cooked and got ready for Thanksgiving at my parents’ house with 15 people. It was great to be back after missing the last 2 Turkey Days and to introduce Aaron’s family to mine. The meeting of the “in-laws” was a success and I am glad my family didn’t embarrass me too bad!

Friday we avoided the malls, but hit up the grocery stores. Aaron’s family lives in a small town in Idaho, so they have limited access to certain things. I took them to Trader Joe’s and the supermarket to load up on produce and nuts! Let me tell you, grocery stores the day after Thanksgiving are completely empty! I guess everyone is busy eating leftovers. We had leftover turkey sandwiches for lunch and they were delicious!

Friday night was also Aaron’s football team’s first playoff game. They killed it 60-0 and are headed to the championships this coming Saturday. Go PRIDE!

Saturday we sadly had to see Jill and Ron take off on their way back to Idaho. After saying our goodbyes we made a trip to Home Depot to spend our XMAS gift card from Jill on some paint and supplies for the house. Thank you Jill! We spent the rest of the day cleaning and getting the house ready for our next guests, whenever they may arrive.

Sunday was all about painting. After a nice breakfast of waffles, eggs and bacon, we headed home to prep the house for painting. Neither of us have ever painted a house, so it was an adventure. We set a goal of painting the living room and master bedroom and we accomplished our goal! Painting is hard work and I am SORE! My forearms and calves hurt, hurt, hurt! But it looked so good, so it was worth it! We even did a little stripe on the fireplace. What do you think?

Today is my first day nannying for a new family and I am so excited. My posts may be more staggered and kind of random as I figure out my new work/exercise/food and life schedule. Bear with me!

Happy Monday and can you believe it is December tomorrow? Ay, yi, yi!


5 thoughts on “Blog slacker, but not a real life slacker

  1. Deborah says:

    Great minds think a like. I helped Megan paint the Living Room and Entry over the long weekend. Now just the kitchen is left on the first floor. Hard work, but it is nice to have done and it was nice to have a long weekend to do it.

    Yours looks great

  2. Love, love, love the stripe! Can’t wait to come back to visit and see it all in person. My fave pic is you sitting on the floor with paintbrush and beer in hand.

  3. Mish says:

    It looks like so much fun you’re having. Don’t feel bad about not blogging…we were waiting 🙂

  4. […] to Feed the Hungry with my mom (a tradition). Brought Operation Beautiful to this year’s race. Painted for the first time Decided to make a career change and started nannying! Now I am able to take some time to figure […]

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