Happy Anniversary

Two years ago today we brought home a little bundle of joy – Trigger! The day we brought him home…

It’s a boy! We really could not imagine our life without Trigger. He has brought us so much joy and entertainment and we really lucked out with getting such a friendly, snuggly, happy kitty. When we found him at Bone Appetit in San Diego, his name was Henry. He was 16 weeks old and we were told he wasn’t really a lap cat. He was a boy and at the age where he just wanted to play and not cuddle. The minute I held him, he nuzzled right in and started purring. I was in love and a couple hours later we were bringing him home and he wouldn’t leave our laps!

Our friend Carlye was the inspiration for us getting Trigger after she rescued her kitten, Sofie. And in honor of Carlye, you MUST watch this video. KITTENS!

All grown up, but still just as snuggly…


One thought on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Dear Trigger,

    I believe you know my heart belongs to Hamlet and that I am generally thought to be a dog person. However, you are the only cat I know that I truly like, even though last time I visited you tried to bite my hands. I don’t blame you; I am delicious. I am sure you enjoyed your anniversary, hopefully NOT by climbing on the plant stand and/or playing with the cords along the wall.

    I remember when you were young and you jumped on T and me on the air mattress while we slept. It must have been hilarious for you to pounce on us while we were fast asleep. Thankfully for me and unfortunately for you, there is now a guest room in Amanda and Aaron’s house that prohibits mid-sleep pouncing. Better luck next time.

    Aunt Shelley

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