Time Efficient Workout

When I was working my 9-5 desk job, I got up pretty much everyday to workout at 5AM. I am a morning person and enjoy getting my workout done first thing. I avoid the crowds and I also know that I do not have to worry about scheduling conflicts at 5AM like I do at 5PM. I have been spoiled working from home the last couple of months because I have been able to sleep in a bit and still get a morning workout in.

This week I started a new schedule because I started nannying. I have to leave my house by 7:25 to get there on time so I wasn’t sure what I was going to do regarding my workout routine. My options were:
1. Head to the gym after I get off at 4:30
2. Workout at the gym by my house early, come home, shower and go to work
3. Drive to the gym that is located in between my house and work, shower at gym, go to work

I was really dreading showering at the gym because I just never feel clean after it and I hate lugging all my stuff. Plus, I always forget something and it usually is something really important like a towel or deodorant. I also realized that if I worked out at my gym or the gym halfway that I would still have to get up at the same time. And I know myself well enough to know that Option 1 would likely result in me skipping workouts more days than not.

So today I decided to give Option 2 a shot. I got up right at 5 (thank you, Trigger for helping me šŸ™‚ ). I made it to the gym about 5:20 and knew I had about an hour. Before I went I made a game plan in my head. For me, the most efficient machines at the gym are the treadmill and stair climber. I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then climbed my butt off for 10 minutes. I then did ten minutes of stretching and core work and 20 minutes of free weights. I was so much more awake than if I had slept an extra 90 minutes. And I know I will sleep so good tonight!

I want to make sure I am using my limited gym time efficiently to get a good workout in in a short amount of time. Here are some tips for a time-efficient workout:

Interval training: by increasing and decreasing the speed and resistance of whatever you are doing you will keep your heart rate up and burn more calories in less time.
– Don’t skip strength training: just because you are short on time, you should not miss out on strength training. If needed, cut your cardio session short by 10 minutes to get in some free weights. Building muscle will increase your metabolism and you will burn more calories throughout the day.
Do it early! Ensure success by making a commitment to yourself to workout first thing in the morning. This way you have the rest of the day for work, errands and time with family and friends.

How do you fit exercise into your life on those days when it seems like there just isn’t enough time?


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