Holiday Decor on the Cheap

This is the first year we will be staying put for Christmas, and we are in an actual house, so we wanted to put together some holiday decor. But who wants to spend money on things that are just going to be shoved in a closet for 11 months out of the year? Call me crazy, but I like to spend money on things I use all the time! So I was on a mission for cheap holiday decor!

Step One: Hand-me-downs. We are lucky because my parents have a plethora of holiday decorations, so we scored a bunch of decorations for free. Christmas lights, mantel garland, stocking holders, a wreath, and so much more. Thanks mom!

Step Two: Use what you got! I saw a photo on a website with fragrant cloved oranges and knew I wanted to make some. I had clementines and whole cloves, so I went to work.

I added it to our mantel and it looks and smells great! TIP: Do not use cloves that are 10 years old – half of them will crumble when you try to push them into the clementine! 🙂

Next up? Christmas tree. We are going to buy a potted one and then plant it in our backyard after the holiday. The tree that keeps on giving (and growing)!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Decor on the Cheap

  1. Oranges with cloves bring me back to kindergarten. We made them as gifts for our moms. We used whole oranges and somehow attached a loop of ribbon so it could be hanged.

  2. mindymac says:

    Hi! I’m with you. Who wants to blow money on decorations? I posetd a few ways I decorated from things I had lying around my house here:


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