Starting on my New Years Resolutions

I really enjoy making new years resolutions. I find myself adjusting them, adding to them and making tweaks all year long. I try to be realistic with them and just look at them as goals because, to me, the term resolution is attached to failure. I also try to make sure they serve a good purpose for my health, sanity, relationships or lifestyle. This list will continue to grow and be refined, but I wanted to share with you some resolutions I am making for myself and that Aaron and I are making together. Do you make new years resolutions? What are they?

– Floss everyday: I do not floss nearly enough. I have always been blessed with healthy teeth, and I want to keep it that way. Your gums and teeth are so important to keep clean and have a direct impact on your overall health.
– Write everyday: My friend Shelley and I have been talking for years about writing a childrens’ book and I really need to start writing everything down that enters my head. I don’t go anywhere with out a notebook and I need to start using it!
Talk on the phone with out-of-town friends more often: I love the convenience of social media like Twitter, Facebook, G Chat and Skype because it allows me to keep up with far away friends on a daily basis. What I don’t like is that it makes me so bad at picking up the phone to have a real conversation with those friends. And the friend who don’t use social media? Well they are just screwed! I really want to make phone dates with my friends on a regular basis to actually hear their voice and spend some quality time chatting with them!

– Cheap date nights: Each month one of us will be in charge of planning a cheap-ish date night (or day). We will trade off months and will be able to surprise each other. I thought of this idea as a Christmas gift to each other and Aaron said, “That is just something we should do. Maybe as a New Year’s Resolution” I loved that idea!

Once I start a list like this, I immediately think of more ideas to add. Plus when you guys tell me about your New Years Resolutions, I know I will want to steal some of them, too! Look for some updates.


4 thoughts on “Starting on my New Years Resolutions

  1. Carlye says:

    One part of my NYR is to tread a lil nicer on our planet. I already use reusable shopping bags religiously as that was part of my NYR last year. This year and every year moving forward I would like to add a “green” element to my resolution.

    I am a cleaning fanatic and I also love to have clean hands, so this year I am going to pledge to use less paper towels. “40% of trash in U.S. landfills consists of paper products.” I know I add my fair share especially when cooking. So part of my NYR is to stock my kitchen, bathrooms, and office with reusable hand towels in hopes to use less paper towels. I will also invest in more sponges, microfiber towels and mops.

  2. First off, I had forgotten about “write every day” so now that is also on my New Year’s goal/resolution list. And, of course us besties think alike, because I proposed the same once-a-month date (taking turns who plans) to Mike and he also suggested it as a resolution.

    I think I will also have flossing on my list. Also, give up pop (I did this when we moved to Italy and lasted a couple of years and then failed). Finally, get in the best shape of my life (this is the biggie and the highest priority).

  3. […] funny to look back and read what I was thinking a year ago. You can read all about the goals I set here and here. But here is a quick recap and how I did on meeting the […]

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