Spreading the Operation Beautiful Message

As I mentioned last week, I was recently interviewed for a piece on Operation Beautiful. Well, it aired yesterday morning! Melissa and I are featured in the piece sharing our experience with Operation Beautiful and what drew us to the cause. It is a quick little segment, but I think it does a great job of explaining what Operation Beautiful is, and what it is all about.

I was so thrilled to participate and it is so cool that the interview aired on Caitlin’s deadline for the first draft of the Operation Beautiful book! Congrats Caitlin!

You can watch the video here.

I was still recovering from my cold, so please excuse the stuffy nose. The best thing about this being an Operation Beautiful piece? It would be completely hypocritical of me to judge myself at all. Plus, it is short and sweet and I think I did pretty darn good. Melissa had the much harder part, and she did so great!

This was the second time in four months that I was on the news. I think I am starting the get the hang of it. The trick is just to be yourself and make sure to smile while you are talking. That is the hardest part for me – it feels so phony, but looks much better! My first time was also thanks to the blog. Gotta love it!


4 thoughts on “Spreading the Operation Beautiful Message

  1. Jess says:

    That was awesome!!:) Way to go! The message was sent:) You looked great too:) XOXO

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