Working out When You are Sick

Wow taking a couple weeks off exercise really took a toll on my fitness level. I was sick for almost two weeks between food poisoning and coming down with some sort of flu/cold combo. Normally, I will work out when I begin to feel a cold coming on because I think it can actually boost your immune system into fighting off the illness. However, once you are truly sick, I say stay home. It got me thinking about the great debate on whether to workout when you are sick.

My feeling is that if you have a fever, are couching or snuffling, you should stay home. Not only for your own health, but the health of your fellow gym members. If you workout outside, the cold weather can just prolong your illness and make you feel worse. What are your feelings on working out when you are sick?

I rarely get sick (knock on wood) but this time I got it good – aches, congestion, fever, the works. So I chose to steer clear of exercise until I felt better. And I was so sick I didn’t even have the desire to workout. I didn’t really have the desire to do anything. I would come home from work and just curl up on the couch and pout.

But this week I feel so much better so I am back at it. And thank goodness, because I have started to feel the effects of not working out for a couple weeks. I have actually lost a couple pounds, but I know that is all muscle since I haven’t changed what I eat, which makes me mad. It takes a lot of work to build muscle, but it is so easy to lose it.

I have been easing into my gym routine because I don’t want to push myself 100% and shock my system. I am just making sure to get in cardio and toning as many days as possible. But I can’t wait until I am well enough to test out the new LaloFit video that Lalo sent to me to review. I loved his first video and look forward to trying Version 2!


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