Staying Sane During the Last Minute Holiday Insanity

Did anyone else save all their holiday preparation and gift buying for the last minute? I did! And can you believe it? I set out on the Saturday before Christmas to go shopping and even went to the MALL! I used a few tricks to save myself from pulling my hair out and wanted to share the tips with you:

1. Be prepared. The one thing I like about saving my shopping till the last minute is that I can knock out all the gifts at once. I like to wait until I have a list of what I am getting for everyone. That way I save myself multiple trips to the same store (hopefully). Also, make a list of all the place you need to go, and which order will be the most efficient.
2. Stay calm. Don’t expect to be able to get everything done quickly. Accepting the fact that places will be crowded and things will take a little longer will help you keep your composure. Patience is key!
3. Don’t try to find front row parking. I always laugh at the people who sit in their car forever waiting for someone to pull out of a spot or drive around the parking lot 20 times to find a spot. That actually takes so much more time than parking far away. I immediately head for the less populated parking areas and walk. It winds up being so much easier and quicker. Plus, it burns a couple extra calories. Unless you are handicapped or injured, WALK!
4. Be nice. One of my pet peeves is when I am Christmas shopping and there are a bunch of rude, irritated or Grinch-like people around. Be kind to the sales staff – they are angels for putting up with all the crazy people this time of year. Plus, you will be more likely to get what you want faster if you are nice! And be nice to your fellow shoppers – it is the holidays, afterall!
5. Plan your workout for after your shopping trip. Instead of doing my workout first thing in the morning like I normally would do, I planned to hit the gym on my way home from shopping. It is a great stress release and nice way to wind down after braving the crowds.

I hope everyone is done with all their shopping and is able to relax during this holiday week. I still need one gift for my Dad and brother from a place that isn’t open on the weekends ridiculous, I know!)


2 thoughts on “Staying Sane During the Last Minute Holiday Insanity

  1. Did you get Todd and your dad those punch cards for preparing the ducks? I bet they loved them!

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