Challenge Day 2 Realization

This morning was my second day of the LaloFit Challenge. It is officially day 3, but it’s the second day of Lalo since I only do the video every other day.

This morning I realized how weak my abs really are. I am the first to admit that I neglect my abs and core muscles. But the dynamic ab moves included in LaloFit really make me aware of my weakness. My abs were the first thing that got sore the first day and I truly cannot do some of the ab work in the video. I have to modify them so I don’t hurt myself. I fully expect this to change and this this is where I might see a huge improvement. The great thing is that almost every move during the 55 minute routine engages your abs and core.

I have also realized that I don’t have the best balance. Many of the moves focus on balance with one-legged moves (which you know I love). I really have to focus to make sure I don’t wobble. I am excited to see my progress and am glad that the moves are challenging so I have things to improve on.

What are your biggest fitness/strength weaknesses?


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