Prepping Like a Busy Little Elf

Okay, where did the week go? Where did you hide it? All of a sudden Christmas totally snuck up on me and there is so much to do! I feel like one of Santa’s elves running around the workshop. I got spoiled working from home when I could just head out for an hour to get some errands done. Not anymore! And running errands the week of Christmas between the hours of 5-7 is possible the worst thing ever! We have to get a lot done and to get prepared for our Christmas dinner we are having with some of our friends.

Today we have lots to do to get ready for the big day. Here is the day’s to do list:

– Clean the house
– Clean up the yard/blow leaves
– Clean the litter box
– Wrap presents
– Clean car inside and out (needs it so bad)
– Make and wrap edible Christmas gifts
– Go to Kinkos to print and ship stuff for the holidays
– Trader Joe’s for the last couple things we need for our Christmas dinner (wish me luck)

Then the fun stuff:
– Make dinner with Aaron
– Bake and decorate Christmas cookies by the fire

Cannot wait to start checking things off this list. I will be more and more in the Christmas spirit with each completed task! At some point I would also like to run outside. I haven’t been running for so long because I was sick and am a big wuss about running in the cold and the dark (which are my only options before and after work). Tomorrow I could run during the day which would be nice. Must be very productive in order to reward myself with a run.


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