Christmas Day Recap

This year, Christmas has been filled with old traditions and new. On Christmas Eve, Aaron and I started a new tradition of decorating cookies and watching Christmas movies. Christmas morning was the same as normal, with church and opening presents at my parents’ house. However, this was the first year that I have not woken up on Christmas morning in my childhood home. We opened presents with my parents and my brother over breakfast of vinegar bread (a traditional family recipe).

Before we left the house, we left Trigger open a gift. He did a pretty good job getting it open! The first two Christmases of his life, we all drove from San Diego to Sacramento, so he was sad to be all by himself today. His gift helped, though!

After breakfast and presents, Aaron and I headed home to prepare for a new tradition of having friends over for Christmas dinner. Since a lot of us have family stuff in the morning, we thought we would get together with the “young folk” for dinner. This was our first dinner party since moving and we spent the afternoon getting everything set up and making lasagna. We made a vegetarian option and a meat option. We are a bunch of carnivores and no one wanted the veg option (except me). I knew that would happen but I wanted the vegetarian leftovers for lunch next week!

By the end everyone was asking if we were doing it again next year, so I think that means it was a success! I really enjoy entertaining, and now that we have more space, it is a lot easier to do!

The bar

Showing off my new Christmas boots. I haven’t had boots for SOOO long. I had to wear a dress, just to show ’em off!

Waiting for everyone to arrive


The kids table


Friends for 26 years!

Today we are off to Napa for the Italian seafood feast with my Dad’s side of the family. Yummm!!!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Day Recap

  1. Two words – veinagar bread! The party looks like it was awesome. What is the dessert? I must have the recipe.

    • modernation says:

      Yay – so glad you have been introduced to vinegar bread. That’s when you know you are really part of the family (not that there was ever any doubt). Sara brought that cake. It was some recipe contest winner that won $40,000. So we called it the 40 grand cake. It was chocolate cake with whipped cream and a pecan caramel coating. YUMM!

  2. Correction – vinegar (not veinagar, that sounds gross – like veins filled with vinegar).

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